Image Segmentation by Refinement
Reference manual
Version 1.2

Hend Ben Ameur <>Francois Clement <>Pierre Weis <>


1  Installation of Ref-image

To install the Ref-image command, follow the instructions in the INSTALL file of the distribution, or use the generic instructions of the next section.

Ref-image is free software distributed under the 3-clause BSD license, see the LICENSE file for details.

2  For the users of the distributed version of your package

They should follow the directives of the INSTALL file of the distribution of your package.

2.1  To configure, build and install the package

  ./configure [<installation_root_directory>]
  make install

When called with one argument, the configure script makes it the root directory for the installation. When called without argument, the configure script interactively asks the user.

The variable installation_root_directory stands for the directory where the project will be installed; it must contain a valid directory name where the user can write. All the files that are installed by your project will be copied into sub directories of this one. Namely:

0pt 5pt •
binaries go into the sub-directory
includes go into the sub-directory
OCaml libraries go into the sub-directory
installation_root_directory/include/lib/ocaml/<project_package_name> and other libraries go into the sub-directory
manual pages go into the sub-directory
(La)TeX documentations go into the sub-directory
installation_root_directory/share/doc/tex and HTML documentation pages go into the sub-directory
other materials go into the sub-directory

2.2  To clean and remove the package

To remove all files installed by make install, all files built by make and all files created by ./configure, respectively type in:

  make uninstall
  make clean

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.